Nike Has A Two-Piece Tee Collection Featuring The Internet’s Favourite Doge

Nike’s turned out some pretty cool and pretty bizarre apparel in their time as one of the most hype street brands, but their latest tee capsule collection featuring the internet’s favorite meme dog is probably the dandiest thing to own this summer.


The first shirt features a simple photo of a shiba inu, wearing round specs and sporting a swoosh shirt and a Hawaiian overshirt. It looks like something you’ll get at a bootleg store in ArtBox or Pratunam Market, but the best thing about it that it’s actually real Nike merch.


The second shirt is even dopier, with a round sunnies wearing doge print covering the entire shirt and an orange swoosh logo on the chest. If you look closer, the doges are all wearing sunnies emblazoned with the swoosh logo too.

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 2.57.57 PM

You can get these cute shirts now from Atmos, a retail store in Japan, and the pattern print and doge-wearing tee retails at ¥2,500 (approximately SG$31) and ¥4,000 (approximately SG$49). You might still be able to score them at the physical retail Atmos stores if you’re lucky as both shirts are currently sold out online.

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