You Can Now Get Hot Bubble Tea at Emma

We’ve seen almost every version of bubble tea there is to exist, but hot bubble tea? That’s a first. 

Popular Japanese soft serve and specialty tea store, Emma, puts a spin on the popular sweet drink by serving it piping hot. The hot bubble tea is part of Emma’s Kuromitsu Tea Latte Series and features ingredients that are imported from Japan, including premium Hokkaido milk and natural Okinawa cane sugar. 

Available in three flavours —Hojicha, Sencha and Kurogama—, these drinks are available chilled too. 


Each cup boasts over 6000 pieces of sesame seeds, resulting in a nutty and fragrant drink that’s jam packed with fibre and Vitamin B. The Okinawan brown sugar definitely adds a pleasant honey-sweet taste too. 


We tried the hot Sencha and Kurogama, and found that the Kurogama was a tad too sweet but the Sencha was perfect. In fact, it tasted a little like an upgraded version of teh tarik with a hint of green tea due to the matcha flakes. And yes, you can get your hot bubble tea with pearls too!

These tapioca pearls are made of brown sugar and go perfectly well even with a hot drink. However, we recommend finishing the pearls fast as they lose their firmness faster in warmer temperatures. 

The Kuromitsu Tea Latte Series is priced at $4.50 (hot) and $4.80 (cold).

Additionally, Emma’s Soft Serve in a Cup will now also be available for customisation from $3.80! Start with a base (crushed Oreos, waffle or cereal), then a soft serve (Kurogama soft serve or premium Hokkaido milk soft serve or mixed) followed by classic Japanese sprinkles. Adds on such as azuki red beans and matcha mochi are available at $1 each. 


Cereal, Kurogama soft serve mixed with premium Hokkaido milk soft serve, and matcha mochi

Cereal, Kurogama soft serve mixed with premium Hokkaido milk soft serve, and matcha mochi


Oreos, premium Hokkaido milk soft serve and kuromitsu warabi mochi

Both soft serves were equally good — thick and creamy and not too sweet as well. 



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