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All the Pasar Malams Happening in Dec to Get Your Thai Milk Tea and Fried Oreos Fix

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Yay to cheap food!

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Culture Cartel 2019: Limited Edition Nike Air Sneakers, Star Wars Collectibles, Famous YouTubers and More!

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Not just for hype beasts

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We Tried Pocky’s New Colourful Surprise Flavour

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A mix of lemon and banana?

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Coca-Cola Singapore to Launch Lighted Up Star Wars Bottles

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It’s not a trap!

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Alcoholic Xiao Long Bao Now Available at Paradise Dynasty in Singapore

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Drunk on XLBs

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Feast with the Gods of Valhalla at ANDSOFORTH’s Theatrical Dining Experience

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Of God Baths and multiple shots of Mead

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Things to do this Weekend in Singapore (6-8 Dec)

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This weekend, watch street culture come alive at Culture Cartel, meet legendary Batman artists and dress up as your favourite superhero at Singapore Comic Con and soak in the holiday cheer at Universal Studios Singapore!

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Why Outpost Hotel is Set to be the Next Hot Staycation Spot

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No kids allowed

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Controversial Artist Cao Fei to Present a Kinetic Sculptural Installation in Singapore

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To the Milky Way and beyond

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Christmas Wonderland 2019: Insta-Worthy Backdrops, Lobster Rolls & Carnival Games

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Let it snow!