World’s Very First Hello Kitty Dim Sum Restaurant in Hong Kong

SHOUT - Hello Kitty Dim Sum Restaurant

With Hello Kitty’s roaring popularity that just won’t seem to die down, it was only time before she finally moved away from just cafe food and infiltrated other cuisines. We may have our very own Hello Kitty cafe in Singapore – but so does the rest of the world.

What this world didn’t know was that we needed a Hello Kitty-themed dim sum restaurant as well.

Hello Kitty Dim Sum

SHOUT - Hello Kitty Dim Sum Restaurant

Enter Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine. Located in Kowloon, Hong Kong, Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine is the world’s  first Hello Kitty-themed dim sum restaurant. Just like any other themed restaurant, this restaurant stays dedicated to its theme – almost every single piece of furniture is stamped with Hello Kitty’s mouthless face or iconic ribbon, or in some way adorned with features of the character. Little ribbons hang from the lamps, and oriental paintings of the cat are hung on the wall – staying true to the typical interior of a Chinese restaurant, but with an adorable twist.

But the main star of this restaurant was, of course, the food.


For a themed restaurant, the menu is rather extensive. Expect typical Chinese fare such as stir-fried meats, seafoods, soups, and fried rice. The restaurant tries its best to inject some sort of Hello Kitty theme into almost every dish, which would make your table of food an extremely Instagrammable one.

However, their cutest and best-selling menu items are definitely their Har Gaw (HK $68 for 4) and Liu Sha Bao (HK $62 for 3).

SHOUT - Hello Kitty Dim Sum Restaurant

SHOUT - Hello Kitty Dim Sum Restaurant

With ribbons fashioned from beetroot as well as eyes and whiskers dyed with squid ink, these prawn dumplings have been jazzed up into a lovable creation that you just can’t bear to eat. With such a cute face alongside its dainty size, these dumplings are undoubtedly the most adorable food item from the menu.

SHOUT - Hello Kitty Dim Sum Restaurant

SHOUT - Hello Kitty Dim Sum Restaurant

Following closely behind in the ranks of cuteness would be their custard buns – a staple of any dim sum restaurant. This time, the round faces of the Hello Kitty is what amps up its charm ten-fold. However, do manage your expectations. Though you won’t be able to resist snapping a picture of these – it’s probably the only reason you visit this restaurant – the filling of these buns are not as molten as they usually are in other restaurants, so take your pictures quick before they dry out!

If you’ve watched enough bento-making videos, you’d know that decorating these cute Hello Kitty-themed buns and dim sum don’t come easy. With the amount of focus and time needed to simply cut whiskers and place them carefully on the food items, it’s no wonder the prices are sky high.

If you’re looking to experience this restaurant for yourself but can’t bear the sting of its price, Klook is currently offering discounted lunch sets from this restaurant on their website!

SHOUT - Hello Kitty Dim Sum Restaurant

At the discounted price of $23, enjoy a 1 Person Set consisting of the two signatures – Har Gaw and Liu Sha Bao – as well as Baked BBQ Pork Cake and Pan Fried Turnip Cake.

Or, if you’d like a bit more variety, the 2 Person Set will give you two of its signatures as well as a spread of other items on their menu such as their Hello Kitty Red Apple Chicken Rice, all at the discounted price of $79.

SHOUT - Hello Kitty Dim Sum Restaurant

Prices are all inclusive of service fees and tea fees, so all you have to do is buy your sets on Klook, book a table at the restaurant, get there, scan your QR code, and eat. Or take pictures of your food.

If you’re heading to Hong Kong for the holidays and are intending on making a stop at this restaurant, this is the perfect voucher for you. If you weren’t, then do consider stopping by – it’s an experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else in this world.

Klook Voucher:

Shop A-C, G/F, Lee Loy Mansion
332-338 Canton Road
Jordan, Kowloon
Directions: MTR Austin Station Exit B2, walk about 3 minutes; or MTR Jordan Station Exit C2, walk about 5 minutes
Opening Hours:
Mon–Sun: 1100–2300
Contact: +852 2375 8077 or +852 8202 8203

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