Up To 230 New iPhone Emojis Will Be Released In March 2019!

Emoji 12.0 – over 50 types of emojis with skin tone variations


Source: Emojipedia

Calling all iPhone users and emoji lovers! You’d be pleased to know that Unicode Consortium has released a preview of all their new emojis that will be released in March 2019. As the sixth major emoji update since 2014, you can expect a range of emojis that includes people with disabilities and gender inclusive couples.


Pinching Hand Sign with skin tones! Perfect to show that your patience is running thin. /winks/


Left to right: Otter, Flamingo, Orangutan, Sloth. Source: Emojipedia


To support everyone of different interests, there’s a wide variation of people holding hands. Source: Emojipedia


There’s now a Hindu Temple and a white-coloured heart! Source: Emojipedia

These emojis will only be available from March onwards so keep a lookout for them here in order to step up your texting game!

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