Unique Local Food Vendors For A Perfect Wedding Reception

Weddings are the perfect time for you to express your personality, be it through the theme, outfits, or food. With so many options to choose from, you should not be fraught with anxiety during the months spent planning your special day. We have come up with a list of unusual local food vendors that will amaze your guests and look too beautiful to eat.

1. Momolato


Being the only popsicle and ice cream supplier in Singapore (and Asia) that has won an award for Number 1 Champion of the Asia Gelato World Tour. Momolato handcrafts and concocts both their popsicle and ice cream flavours. They not only cater to weddings, but also supply fun and designer popsicles to hen and stag parties. 

They usually coordinate with wedding planners to customize flavours, colours, popsicles sticks and packaging that are in line with the colour palette or theme of the wedding. A simple price plan ranges between $450 to over $2000, depending on the needs of the newlyweds. Placing orders just two weeks in advance would suffice.
Phone: 9679 7268
Email: momo@momolato.com
Facebook: momolato

2. Juice & Co.


Juice & Co juices and bottles their cold-pressed juices daily, ensuring that vitamins and nutrients are locked in. Cold-pressing is a process that extracts juice without heat or oxygen compared to normal juicing processes and pasteurization that actually destroys much of the nutrients and vitamins in the fruits.

They provide customized labels for the bottles according to the theme of the wedding, and juices are priced at $4.50 a bottle for flabours with a minimum order of 100 bottles. For orders above 200, each bottle will be $4. Orders have to be received 1 month in advance.

Email: hello@juiceandco.sg
Facebook: juiceandco.sg

3. Loco Loco


Loco Loco makes churros with a local twist, with their pandan churros with gula melaka being a hot seller. Other flavours include the classic with cinnamon sugar, red velvet, pandan, oreo, salted egg yolk and churros with soft serve ice cream.

They offer 2 types of catering, the first being onsite cooking of churros, starting at $480 for the first two hours, and $200 per hour subsequently. For those who just want the churros delivered over, a 4oz cup of churros goes for $2.50, while an 8oz cup is $4.80. Free delivery will be provided for orders above $250. They also provide the rental of soft serve machine at $550 for 2 hours, serving up to 400 pax.

Phone: 84840087
Email: hello@locoloco.sg
Website: locoloco.sg

4. Two Bakers


Artisanal patisserie cafe Two Bakers serves bespoke French and fusion inspired pastries, fresh savoury food and specialty coffees at their outlet in Horne Road. What few know is that this cafe also provides masterclass lessons with pastry making and cupcake decorating amongst them, as well as catering to events.

Two Bakers offers flexibility and customisation in planning special events, with an event package as well as a dessert table package. Their event packages start from 30 SGD per pax, while dessert table packages for 25 pax go at $500. A more comprehensive list of their packages are available here.

Phone: 62930329
Email: enquiry@two-bakers.com
Website: http://two-bakers.com/


5. Ma’Ona Bowls


Each Ma’Ona bowl is handmade and filled with natural ingredients like fruits, nuts, homemade granola and smoothie blends. They have four different fruit blends that contain no dairy products or artificial sweeteners. Guests will love these delicious and eye-catching bowls due to the detail put into its presentation, and the medley of colours used. 

Just a two weeks notice would be sufficient, and a quotation will be provided based on the number of bowls needed. 

Phone: 9220 8008
Email: hello@maonabowls.com
Facebook: maonabowls

6. The Ice Cream & Cookie. Co


You might have seen carts of The Ice Cream & Cookie Co.’s pre-packaged, handmade ice cream sandwiches around town. These ice cream sandwiches are an updated version of the local street food that all of us love – rainbow bread hugging a scoop of walls ice cream – and are a delight to eat. Some popular flavours include Milk & Cookies, English Earl, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Strawberries and Cream.

To save you the hassle, products can be ordered online, at $5 per sandwich with a minimum order of 10 sandwiches for delivery. Delivery is $8 for orders below $100 (free for orders above 30 sandwiches) or you can opt for pick up from their central kitchen. Orders are delivered in cooler bags/boxes with dry ice that can last 1-2 hours.

For those who want ice cream cart rental, the carts go at $250, including transportation and set up, staffing for 2 hours, dry ice and a custom menu board. Customised designs for carts, ice cream sandwiches & cups are available upon request, and cart customisation is an extra $150, while customised product are extra $0.20 each with a minimum order of 100.

Phone: 62824680
Email: info@icecreamcookieco.com
Website: http://icecreamcookieco.com/

7. O’Rainbow Cake


This delicacy recently made waves online – netizens were amazed at how this solid water droplet was actually a cake. Originating in Japan, this giant droplet is a cake that is water based and made from agar or gelatin, making it melt in your mouth. Although it looks like it will burst if you poke it, the cake can be eaten with a spoon, much like regular jelly. It is consumed alongside roasted soybean flour, kinako, and a sugary syrup called kuromitsu. 

O’Rainbow Cake provides a catering package that includes the Raindrop Cake in 3 different flavours: Tropical Cyclone (gula melaka with kinako powder), d’ Rainbow (honey with colourful coconut jelly) and Sunshower (mango juice with mango popping jelly). Price plans differ depending on the number of cakes required, but an approximation provided was $800 for 150 pax, inclusive of transport and manpower. For regular catering, 1-2 weeks is all you need in advance to notify them, but if customization is required, a month’s notice would be sufficient. 


Phone: 86168582
Email: agipremier.events@gmail.com
Website: http://oraindropcake.com/

8. Kerbside Gourmet


Kerbside Gourmet, or more affectionately known as ‘Kerby’, is Asia’s first social enterprise gourmet food truck. If you wanted to have something other than the usual buffet or feast, this unusual mode of dishing out food is perfect. Just a small warning though, conservative parents or relatives might not be used to the idea of casual street food at weddings and expect “traditional” food, so make sure that the bride and groom are prepared for such pressures, or that guests are ready for a unique matrimonial experience.

Their price ranges from $50-80 per person and every menu is customisable to the couple’s preference. As they do artisanal food at such events and keep quality high and ingredients premium, the quantity they produce is limited to between 80-150. Bookings should be made 2 months in advance, and are subject to the truck’s availability. 

Phone: 92984888
Email: info@kerbsidegourmet.com
Website: http://www.kerbsidegourmet.com/


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