Old Chang Kee Has A New Limited Edition Charcoal Curry Puff Made With Double Cheese!

The new Cheesy-Licious Chicken’O is simply irresistible  


Source: Old Chang Kee

If you’re a cheese-lover, Old Chang Kee’s new Cheesy-licious Chicken’O is definitely something you must get your hands on! Made with not one, but two kinds of cheese – mozzarella and cheddar – added into their signature chicken curry puff filling covered with charcoal-flavoured pastry, be prepared for a stretchy cheese pull like no other!

o2Look at how stringy the cheese is! Source: @genaphua

Source: @meeatmetry

Only available after 10am and while stocks last, these Cheesy-Licious Chicken’O are going for just $2 for 1 and $3.60 for 2!

old-changkee1Source: Old Chang Kee

Along with the charcoal Cheesy-Licious Chicken’O, Old Chang Kee has also just released a brand new Jumbo Chicken Leg. Retailing at $3.90 each, each chicken leg is bigger than the size of a hand! Plus, it’s marinated with a delicious secret sauce and then baked till it’s crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside!

To indulge in these irresistible snacks, click here to find your nearest Old Chang Kee outlet.

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