Norwegian Fast Food Restaurant Specialising In Fresh Salmon Opening In Jewel Changi Airport Early 2019

Asia’s first Pink Fish – fresh salmon and wholesome sides!

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Singaporeans, it’s time to rejoice as we can soon savour fresh and wholesome Norwegian salmon at a fast food restaurant! Opening in early 2019 at Jewel Changi Airport, Pink Fish offers fresh salmon through a variety of fast-casual dishes like burgers, salads, poke bowls and wraps!

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With a total of 8 outlets in Europe, Pink Fish is finally opening its first ever Southeast Asian outlet here!

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Each category in Pink Fish’s menu – Salad, Wrap, Burger, Raw and Hot Pot – comes in 3 flavours of either Asian, European or American to suit every tastebud!

PF5Check out the thick slab of salmon patty! Source: @pinkfishrestaurant

Don’t be taken aback by the slightly higher prices as Pink Fish certainly doesn’t compromise on quality. The burgers (SGD $18) are filled with juicy and thick salmon fillets drizzled in tasty sauces like BBQ and salsa, fresh vegetables and topped with lightly toasted buns.

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Besides burgers, there are also salads or wraps (SGD $19) for a healthier choice that includes chunks of salmon with fresh garden vegetables and cheese.


Greek salad with tzatziki, feta and olives. Source: @pinkfishrestaurant

PF7Source: @steenogstromoslo

If you’re a fan of Hawaiian Poke bowls, the raw salmon dishes (SGD $19) are perfect for you! Available with rice or quinoa, you can decide whether you want your sashimi pieces spicy, mild or even tangy!  

PF10Source: @pinkfishrestaurant

For those who love fish soups, you can opt for their hot pot (SGD $19) which is essentially a soup base consisting of Thai green curry, Nordic or chilli beans, and a mix of fresh cucumber, carrots, onions and generous chunks of salmon!

Keep a lookout for Pink Fish’s opening in Singapore here!

Note: The prices listed in this article are taken from their Norwegian outlet and converted from Norwegian Krone.

Pink Fish

Address: Jewel Changi Airport 65 Airport Boulevard, Terminal 3 Singapore Changi Airport Singapore 819663

Opening Hours: TBA




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