New Potato Chips That Comes With Hae Bee Hiam Dipping Sauce!

Perfect for sharing during any CNY celebration


Source: Papapeng

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, it’s high time you’ve started stocking up on lots of snacks besides the usual traditional CNY cookies. And if you and your fam are great fans of nostalgic local flavours like hae bee hiam, you have to get your hands on Papapeng’s Chip & Dip ($8/per box) that consists of lightly salted potato chips and a tub of fiery and flavourful hae bee hiam dip that’s sure to leave a lingering umami flavour on your taste buds.



The Chip & Dip comes in box for just $8. Source: @papapengsg

The hae bee hiam dip packs a punch as it’s full of rich spices and dried shrimps that balances each other out!


Source: Papapeng



Source: @papapengsg

You can get a box of Chip & Dip for just $8 at any Tangs’ CNY Fair 2019 happening in VivoCity, Marina Square or Tangs Plaza, or purchase a minimum of 6 boxes online here.

Papapeng Snack & Dip Co.




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