McDonald’s Delicious Scrambled Egg Burgers Are Back!

Creamy and fluffy eggs in your burger

McDonald's Scrambled Egg Burgers (2)Source: McDonald’s

For those of you who love McDonald’s scrambled eggs, rejoice – their Scrambled Egg Burgers are back for a limited time after disappearing from the menu almost 5 months ago!  

Available under the Grab & Go menu from just $4, you can now enjoy these creamy and fluffy eggs on the go even if you don’t have the time to sit down and savour a Big Breakfast.

McDonald's Scrambled Egg Burgers (3)Scrambled Egg Burger With Chicken Bacon. Source: McDonald’s

The burgers come in both Chicken Bacon and Sausage options, and are only available during breakfast hours while stocks last. Find your nearest McDonald’s outlet here!

McDonald's Scrambled Egg Burgers (1)Scrambled Egg Burger With Sausage. Source: McDonald’s

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