IRVINS’ Salted Egg Pineapple Tarts & Popiah Skin Crackers Are Revolutionising CNY Goodies

Eating away at our diet one salted egg tidbit at a time

IRVINS CNY Salted Egg Pineapple Tarts (3)
Irvins Salted Egg

CNY has always been the time of broken diets and guilt-free snacking, but this year, we have a few more reasons to justify our expanding waistlines – IRVINS’ new Salted Egg Pineapple Tarts and Salted Egg Crunchy Rolls.

That’s right, our favourite classics now have salted egg yolk added to them, and they are a whole new level of irresistible.

IRVINS CNY Salted Egg Pineapple Tarts (2)

Only available exclusively at Plaza Singapura, Raffles Xchange, and Takashimaya Square, the Amazing Salted Egg Pineapple Tart ($20 per box) and Amazing Salted Egg Pineapple Tart With Hazelnut ($20 per box) are both heavenly combinations of sweet and savoury.

Choose to either eat them straight out of the jar or microwave them for just 8 seconds before popping a piece into your mouth to get that glorious flowy, salted egg lava action.

IRVINS CNY Salted Egg Pineapple Tarts (1)

The Salted Egg Crunchy Roll ($10) is much more exclusive though, with only a limited amount available while stocks last at all IRVINS’ pop-ups except at Jurong Point, Waterway Point, and Tampines Mall. Made with layers of deep-fried popiah skin coated in salted egg crumbs, it’s extra crispy, and we’re not surprised if it’s just as addictive as those spicy shrimp rolls.

Locate your nearest IRVINS’ outlet here!


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