meat featured

Meat Buffets in Singapore You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

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Live it up in sin city with these indulgent meat buffets that are sure to keep any meat-lover contented for a few hours to come.

XXL Burgers

Get Your Hands on These XXXL Burgers

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Got an appetite for destruction? Gain some street cred amongst your friends by demolishing these massive burgers.

Vegetarian Cafe

9 Vegetarian Cafes in Singapore So Good You Wouldn’t Mind Going Meatless

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9 Vegetarian Cafes that will change the way you see greens.

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5 Beauty Hotpots to get your collagen fix at

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Dreaming of radiant and beautiful skin? You can have your soup and eat it too with this list of Beauty Collagen Hotpots in Singapore.


10 Late-Night Cafes in Singapore

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Need a place outside to crash till late? We’ve got 10 late-night cafes for you to check out.


Ramen Hunts under $10

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From bustling shopping malls to humble coffee shops, we have slurped up 5 ramen joints with change to spare – even with your humble red note.

SHOUT - High Tea

Treat Yourself at These Hotel High Tea Buffets in Singapore

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Pinkies out! Sip on some tea and pamper yourself at these hotels serving high tea treats guaranteed to be a dainty afternoon affair.


Guide to Cafes Near NUS

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Head on down for a casual lunch in between lectures, or roundup your project meetings in these welcoming cafes near your school.


6 Places in Singapore to Get Your Mentaiko Fix

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From burgers to lava toast, we have rounded up a list of mentaiko-infused goodness to sink your teeth into.


Fine Dining in the Comfort of Your Own Home

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Imagine Pan-seared Foie Gras, Coq Au Vin and Warm Caramel Profiteroles born right in your kitchen.