Coke Plus Coffee Is Now Available In Singapore’s 7-Eleven Outlets For A Limited Time Period!

The perfect pick-me-up with double the caffeine boost

Coffee Plus Coke Singapore (5)

The ultimate energy booster Coke Plus Coffee is finally available in Singapore! Officially released only in countries like Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Japan, Coke Plus Coffee is now available on our shores for a limited time period in all 7-Eleven outlets islandwide.

Coffee Plus Coke Singapore (3)Source: 7-Eleven Singapore

Retailing at $1.80 per can, it contains more caffeine than a regular can of Coke, albeit slightly less than an actual cup of coffee.

Coffee Plus Coke Singapore (4)

Coffee Plus Coke Singapore (6)

Perfect for when you’re in need of an extra boost to perk yourself up but also craving for something sugary, we bought one to try it for ourselves – it threw us off by tasting very much like a coffee-flavoured sweet instead of a soda, but it did grow on us after a few more sips!

Locate your nearest 7-Eleven store here!

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