Bubble Tea Tarts For Just $7.50!

You can’t say no to those sweet chewy tapioca goodness


With a buttery and creamy tart shell. Source: @edithpatisserie

I always add pearls into my milk tea and if you can relate, you’re in luck ‘cause you can now indulge in bubble tea in the form of tarts only at Edith Patisserie! Available now in store, these delectable Bubble Tea Tarts ($7.50 each) are filled with a milk tea base topped with chewy pearls, and they come in limited quantities daily so it’s best that you head down early to avoid disappointment.


Check out those glistening pearls on top of the milk tea creme! Source: @edithpatisserie


Source: Edith Patisserie

Besides bobas on tarts, there are also S’mores and Mango Strawberry tarts made with dark chocolate ganache and mango curd respectively.


Source: Edith Patisserie

Bobas, pearls, bubbles – whatever they’re called, I’m definitely heading down this weekend to tuck into some Bubble Tea Tarts!

Edith Patisserie

Address: 772 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198740

Opening Hours: Tues – Sat: 10AM – 5PM | Sun: 10AM – 2PM




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