BTS Dolls By Barbie-Maker Mattel Are Launching This Year

BTS “Ken” dolls – a sweet substitute for the real deal

BTS Dolls (1)

Don’t freak out – okay, who am I kidding. BTS dolls are launching this year and the company manufacturing them is none other than Mattel, the very same toy manufacturing giant behind Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Thomas & Friends toys.

BTS Dolls (2)
“IDOL”. Source:

That’s right, news just dropped on 7th Jan that there will be an official BTS doll collection with the beloved K-pop idols modeled after their get-up in their record-breaking “IDOL” music video. Each doll will cost USD$19.99 (about SGD$27.12), and the best part is that they’ll launch globally in summer – we can all get our hands on them!

It was also promised that there’ll be BTS-themed games and more besides the collectible dolls, and as of now, Mattel’s tweet has already been retweeted over 90,000 times. For updates on the collection, just follow the hashtag #BTSxMattel on their socials!


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