Shakespeare Milkshakes, Johor Bahru

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Meet Shakespeare Milkshakes, the latest addition to the hipster enclave across the causeway.

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10 Things You Need In Your Room This New Year

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With 2017 drawing near, it is no better time for a room revamp and massive decluttering sesh. Turn your bland box into a cosy, comfortable space without compromising on aesthetic with these 10 must-haves for the upcoming year.


Go Loco For Mexican Grub At These 7 Mexican Joints

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If the Mexican wave that’s sweeping our city keeps up its pace, we will soon be trading our chicken rice for burrito bowls and swapping out chili for guac.


Jazz Up Your Work Space With These 2017 Desk Calendars

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Having a desk calendar sitting pretty on your work space will help you keep important days in check and inspire you to get things done – we have rounded up our faves for the upcoming year.

SHOUT - Christmas Markets

5 Christmas Markets To Visit This Holiday Season

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Soak up the spirit of Christmas and bag some last-minute gifts at these five Christmas markets in Singapore – there’s nothing more satisfying than checking all the boxes on your to-buy list this season.


10 Sinfully Good Fries That Are Worth Every Calorie

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If perfectly salted, golden-brown fries rate as your go-to side, these 10 over-the-top fries smothered in toppings beyond your wildest imagination will have you munching your way to food nirvana. Count your blessings, never your calories.


The Ultimate Guide to Character-Themed Cafés in Singapore

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From the iconic Hello Kitty to everyone’s favourite Gudetama, here is an ultimate guide to themed cafes in Singapore.

SHOUT - Bangkok Boutique

7 Best Boutique Hotels in Bangkok

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From Mary Poppins-themed rooms to a Shanghai-chic interior, the understated charm of these quaint spaces in Bangkok will offer you a different experience in a city we’re more than familiar with.


Where To Spend Christmas This Year

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We don’t need snow or reindeers to ring in our favourite time of the year – here are 8 places in Singapore to soak up the holiday festivities this Christmas.


These 10 Ice Cream Flavours Are Anything But Conventional

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From chilli crab and seaweed to white truffle and butter beer, here are 10 unique ice cream flavours to try in Singapore.