7 Eateries with Guilt-free Alternatives for Unhealthy Food in Singapore

You’ve just started your diet, again, for the eighth time this year. Things are going well — for the first two days, at least. Then, it finally comes — that same wave of cravings that always causes you to break your diet. You could really go for a gourmet burger at Fat Boy’s right about now.

And you do. Guess you could try again next week.

But things don’t have to turn out this way. We assume that Singapore has way too little healthy options — it’s been the fourth time this week that you’re having a Subway. Little did we know, a vast land of healthier options await us.

If you’re ever hit with that same craving of burgers, pizza, or ice-cream again, then it’s time to take a look at these eateries below.



Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 1.36.21 PM copySource

Promising a completely vegan meal with no trans fat or MSG, nomVnom offers an extensive menu with up to 16 burgers, 13 sides, and 20 drinks to choose from. Patties are soy, potato, veggie, or mushroom-based, and are served with a generous serving of fresh vegetables, and various types of sauces.

Better yet, nomVnom even offers steamed versions of some of their burgers — Otah Otah, Meatless Mexican, Baby Truffle, just to name a few — making this substantially healthier meal even more guilt-free. With both bun and patty steamed instead of grilled or fried, you can now forget about that mandatory post-burgers jog meant for shedding off the extra calories.

Clarke Quay Outlet
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#B1-44, Singapore 0591817

Tai Seng Outlet
18 Tai Seng Street
#B1-02, Singapore 539775

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1000–1000 / 0900–2100
+65 62244996 / +65-63849678



As Singapore’s first 100% plant-based burger fast food joint, VeganBurg’s reputation precedes it. Most have heard of it, but not all have gone so far (literally, its location being in the far West) as to try it. But why wait — especially when it’s available for delivery?

Raved about by all would be their Creamy Shrooms Burger — a burger comprised of a crispy, mushroom-based patty, mushroom cream sauce, sliced mushrooms, and fresh veggies. A set meal here would set you back around $12, and comes with a side (choice of seaweed fries or broccoli) and a fruity cooler. Slightly pricey, but good health in exchange for a delicious, hearty meal is priceless.

44 Jalan Eunos
Singapore 419502
Opening Hours:
Daily: 1130–2200
+65 6844 6868

Brownice Italian Bistro


With a wide range of healthier pizzas and pastas available here at Brownice, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Hot on their menu would have to be the Tofu Crumble ($15.80), a 10″ thin gluten-free pizza, topped with tomato sauce, tofu crumbs, coconut cream, roasted tomatoes, and nut-based vegan cheese. If you’re one of those people questioning how tofu could possibly be a sufficient replacement for meat, then this pizza would likely change your mind.

Brownice Italian Vegan Ice Cream & Kitchen
53 East Coast Road
Singapore 428771
Opening Hours:
Sun–Thurs: 1200–2200
Fri–Sat: 1200–2230
+65 6348 2295

The Living Cafe

30532946bcec52c7c1453674_original (1)Source

Zucchini spaghetti, or zoodles, had gained traction in recent years with emerging trends of living healthily. What they are are simply spiralised zucchini strands, meant to be used as a healthier alternative to pasta. But since zucchini isn’t as common in Singapore as it is in Western countries, zoodles are difficult to come by — making the Zucchini Pesto Pasta ($14) at The Living Cafe even more coveted.

Here, a tower of raw zoodles is served doused in nutty, homemade pesto sauce. It is extremely light and yet tasty at the same time, making it a rather addictive course.

779 Bukit Timah Rd
Singapore 269758
Opening Hours:
Mon–Thurs: 1100–1900 
Fri: 1100–1000
Sat: 0900–2200
Sun: 0900–2000
+65 6468 4482

Food Matters

131129-033z Nasi Lemak 131129-158z Hainanese Chicken RiceSource

Food Matters may be a food delivery service, but we just had to include it for its uniqueness. This one’s catered towards the diehard fans of local fare, because they know — it isn’t easy switching over to a rather westernised, healthy diet of pasta. We Singaporeans love our food way too much.

Enjoy a nourishing plate of Nasi Lemak made with baked chicken breast and brown rice, or Hainanese Chicken Rice with baked chicken thigh and brown rice cooked in chicken stock. The array of healthy local fare available will leave you amazed.

A range of subscription packages are offered, the most affordable being the Single ($40) which is inclusive of 4 meals to be delivered straight to your location. The longer term deals are certainly value-for-money, and with over 40 dishes to choose from, you won’t have to worry about your meals turning drab and boring.


Snacks & Desserts 



Otherwise known as the epitome of a hipster vegan-friendly restaurant, Afterglow is best known for its raw, wholesome, and most importantly, Instagrammable, foods. But on top of that, Afterglow also carries the elusive Water Kefir and Kombucha — fizzy, probiotic beverages that most health nuts drink in replacement of soda.

Pick between beautiful sounding flavours such as Mandarin Bouquet and Raisins+Roses, and indeed, you’d be left with healthy glow soon after.


Most customers flock back to Afterglow just for a taste for what might be the best acai bowl in Singapore. Scoops of this icy treat are cradled in a dainty wooden bowl, and finally topped off with yummy raw walnut brownie crumble, salted ‘caramel’ tahini, dehydrated ‘cheese’, and bananas.

Here, the acai puree has a much creamier consistency as compared to the watery smoothie bowls sold at other acai outlets, making it an even more apt replacement for normal, guilt-laden ice-cream.

24 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089131
Opening Hours:
Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat: 1200–1430, 1730–2230
Wed, Thurs: 1730–2230
+65 6224 8921


Brownice Vegan Ice Cream Cafe


This may look like any other ordinary ice-cream cafe, but don’t be fooled — Brownice’s ice-cream has no dairy, eggs, or artificial chemicals, and is made with organic brown rice milk and evaporated cane juice. With just 80–140 calories per scoop (as opposed to the usual 300–500), there is no longer a need to rethink that extra serving of ice-cream.

Three scoops only cost $9, a steal in comparison to most ice-cream cafes out there. Most recommend the dark chocolate flavour, It’s Getting Dark, but fruity flavours such as Sunny Strawberry Fields and Loco Coco (coconut) are must-tries as well, especially with their generous bits of fruits embedded in their ice-cream.

Brownice Italian Vegan Ice Cream Cafe
8 Sin Ming Road
Sin Ming Centre #01-03

Brownice Italian Vegan Ice Cream & Kitchen
53 East Coast Road
Singapore 428771

Opening Hours:
Sun–Thurs: 1200–2200
Fri–Sat: 1200–2230
+65 6456 6431




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